Fighter Jet – Military

Fighter Jet – Military

Our Fighter Jet simulators are 4D set-ups, providing you a fast-paced, thrilling and exhilarating experience. The spellbinding 3D High Definition Surround visuals accentuated by a pitch and roll movement, provide an unmatched fun-filled time.

Challenge your friend to an explosive aerial combat, join hands to knock down hostile enemies or embark on a range of exciting stand-alone missions, as your friends and family cheer you.

No prior flying experience required and no safety fears. At our centre, YOU are the CAPTAIN and you will be in charge of your plane.

Recommended Age – 6 Years +


A short 10 or 15 Minute experience is a nice way to take your initial flying experiences.Experience a fully functional cockpit deck and handle the controls yourself! Manual or autopilot flying – this cockpit throws open a whole new world. Multiple cities to choose from.
Bangalore - Pricing
Duration – Approx 15 Minutes (15 Minutes Flight)
Price - Rs. 250 
Mumbai - Pricing
Duration – Approx 10 Minutes (10 Minutes Flight)
Price - Rs. 150
  • Free Flights
    Over snowy mountainous peaks, Tokyo city, Cape Town, Norwegian fjords or over an African coast at night – test your flying skills with some daredevil maneuvers.
  • Take-off and Landing
    Remember, landing on an airfield in daytime is not the same as a midnight landing on an aircraft carrier or in the middle of a sandy desert.
  • Aerial Combat
    Survive an intriguing Aerial combat in the Middle East, over mountainous peaks or over Moscow city.
  • Aerial Re-fueling
    Refuel in mid-air, before your aircraft runs out of fuel in the middle of a mission.
  • Scouting for Locations and Ground Combat
  • Scouting for locations and destroying surface targets.
The simulator is capable of simulating some of the latest and best fighter jets such as the Sukhoi’s, MIG’s, Thunderbolts, Mirage, etc., with a range of missiles and weapons at your control.


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