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Some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) are enlisted hereunder.


What is a simulator?
A simulator is a machine with a similar set of controls, designed to provide a realistic imitation of the operation of a vehicle, aircraft, or other complex system, used for recreational, educational or training purposes.
What is a flight simulator?
Understandably – A flight simulator is a machine that provides an imitation of real-life flying experience, using a combination of realistic environment, functional controls, high quality visuals and audio.
Technically – A flight simulator is a device that artificially re-creates aircraft flight and various aspects of the flight environment. This includes the equations that govern how aircraft fly, how they react to applications of their controls and other aircraft systems, and how they react to external environmental factors such as air density, turbulence, cloud, precipitation, etc. Flight simulation is used for a variety of reasons, including flight training, the design and development of the aircraft itself, and research into aircraft characteristics and control handling qualities.


What are the different types of simulators available?
Flight 4 Fantasy offers a variety of flight simulators to suit your interests. One can either opt for extremely realistic flight simulations on our Boeing 737, Cessna simulators or a fantastic 4D gaming experience on our Fighter Jet simulators.
What are the rates for the simulations?
We have different rates based on the type of simulator and the duration. Refer the Experience section of the website for all the rates.
What are the different modes of payment?
When booking online (link), you can make payment using debit or credit cards. You may also pay by cash when making spot bookings at our Centres.
I don’t know how to fly an aircraft. Is that important?
No prior flying knowledge or experience is required – most of our clients have never been inside an aircraft cockpit. All of us share a dream of being in the cockpit of an aircraft and fly like a pilot. Our endeavour is to fulfill this dream. Our friendly instructors will be glad to explain the instrument panels and demystify the complex flight deck systems and controls.
Can I operate the simulator myself?
Surely. Our instructors will guide you on the controls and thereafter you are the Pilot! Our flight briefings are more informative than technical and would help you take control easily.
Do I have to fly the Cessna before the Boeing 737?
No, every simulator is independent and no prior flying experience in any other simulator is required.
Do you provide flying training?
No, we do not provide flying training. We specialize in providing you an extremely real experience of being in the cockpits of different types of aircraft and operating the same.
Are the simulators fully enclosed?
Yes, the Boeing 737 and Cessna simulators are fully enclosed.
Will every experience be the same?
No, every experience is unique. Each time you come back for a particular simulation, we endeavour to give you a new experience. In the Boeing 737 and Cessna simulators you can fly in and out of different airports, varying weather conditions and different times of the day. In the Fighter jet simulators you can try several missions such as free flights, scouting, air-to-air combat, take-offs and landing, air-to-air refueling, etc.
Do the simulators have motion?
The Fighter jet simulators have 15 degrees +/- pitch and roll motion. The Boeing and Cessna simulators are fixed base simulators and do not move. However, the 180 degree surround visuals give an artificial feeling of movements. Most clients experience this feeling and even hold on to their seats when the flight is turning.
Is the simulator exactly the same as a real cockpit?
Our Boeing 737 and Cessna simulators are closest replicas of cockpits.
What is the minimum age limit for taking an experience?
For the Boeing 737 and Cessna the minimum age limit is 13. Individuals above 10 years of age can handle the Fighter jet simulators (children below that age would find it difficult to balance the weight of the simulator). There is no maximum age.
Can my friend / family join me on the experience?
In the Boeing 737 simulator, feel free to invite one friend/ family member to see you flying and enjoy the experience, at no extra charge. We have a jumper seat in the cockpit which comfortably accommodates them.
Is this a gaming centre?
Flight 4 Fantasy offers the highest level of entertainment, which is a perfect blend of intellectual simulation as well as gaming thrills. While the Boeing 737 cockpit simulates maximum realism, the Fighter Jets offer a complete 4D gaming experience like never before.
Can I take a photographs or a video of my session?
Feel free to take photographs or a video with your mobile, digital camera without disturbing the session. The use of tripods, lighting etc. is not permitted.
Can I use a mobile phone during the session to take a call?
While we do not prohibit taking a call during the session, we strongly discourage the same as it would hamper your experience.


How do I book a session / Can I book a session in advance?
Yes, we accept bookings for the Boeing 737 and Cessna simulators, upto 7 days in advance. Reservations can be done online. You can access the booking page from here. You can also visit our Centre to reserve your slot. Spot bookings are also done subject to availability of the simulators. Phone bookings are NOT accepted.
What should I bring when I come for the experience?
Please carry any valid Identity proof. Also, if you have an online booking done, you will have to carry the Boarding pass printout. Sharing of valid email address or your mobile number during reservation for Boeing 737 and Cessna simulators is mandatory.
What time should I report for a pre-booked session?
You will have to report atleast 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of a pre-booked session. If you are late, we will be forced to curtail your session to the remaining time as we will be unable to push back the next session booked.
Will I get a refund if I am late or unable to report to a booked session?
Although we hate this, but there will be no refund in these scenarios as we would have blocked the session for you and configured the flight simulator for your session.
Is the information I supply secure?
Yes, our Buy Now process for online payments is protected behind a 128 bit secure SSL, secure connection.


What kind of products do you deal in?
We deal in flight simulation related software and hardware, apart from scale models of aircrafts. We are the authorized distributors for several large flight simulation product manufacturers across the globe. Kindly refer the Products section of the website for all the products.
What is the warranty for each product?
All products sold by us come with back-to-back manufacturer warranty.
Is the information I supply secure?
Yes, our Buy Now process for online payments is protected behind a 128 bit secure SSL, secure connection.


What are the various solutions that you offer?
Kindly refer the Solutions section of our website for this information. You may contact us at +91 80 2206 7977 or for further details.


How can I purchase a Gift voucher?
You can purchase Gift vouchers by visiting our store. You can also purchase Gift vouchers online from this link.

How do I redeem a Gift voucher?
Just produce your gift voucher when booking your flight session.

What can I purchase from the Gift voucher amount?
Experiences or Products, just choose what you like and use the gift voucher amount to make your purchase.

Can the Gift voucher be partly utilized?
No, the Gift voucher cannot be partly utilized.

What is the validity period of a gift voucher?
All gift vouchers are valid for a period of 2 months from purchase.

Do you have any Birthday or Anniversary gifting options?
Our ‘Celebrations Package’ gives you an option to celebrate yours or your loved ones’ Birthday or Anniversary in a uniquely personal and intimate manner – inside a Cockpit. It’s time to show that you Care! You may contact us at +91 80 2206 7977 or for further details.


What use are gift vouchers for a Corporate?
Corporate clients purchase gift vouchers from us to reward their employees as part of Rewards & Recognition schemes, motivational programmes, conference take-away’s, Client gifts. Employees / clients find the flight experiences a lot more memorable, enjoyable and intellectually stimulating, than meal vouchers / movie tickets.
Can we book a simulator for a longer duration for a corporate event / get together?
Yes, we are happy to customize an event based on your specific requirements. You may contact us at +91 80 2206 7977 or for further details.
Do you have any discount schemes for employees of large Corporates?
When your Company ties up with us, we provide an assured discount to all employees from your Company.
Can we get preferential pricing on purchasing gift vouchers?
Yes, we offer appealing discounts when a Corporate purchases multiple gift vouchers.

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