Corporate Gateways

Corporate Gateways
Gift Vouchers


Gift Vouchers for your loved once!

Flight 4 Fantasy is India’s first flight simulation centre and also rated as No.1 by as best attraction. Gifting an experience to your employee or client is something the recipient is likely to remember forever – unlike traditional vouchers or cash, the value of which is forgotten almost instantaneously.

Terms and Conditions

1) Validity period of gift vouchers 3months.
2) Prices are inclusive of all taxes.
3) Discount slabs are based on number of vouchers purchased in each transaction.
4) One additional guest permitted as an “observer” for Boeing 737 .
5) Advance booking will be necessary for Boeing 737 and Cessna 172S.
6) Minimum Age:-
• Boeing 737 – 13 yrs
• Cessna 172S – 13 yrs
• Fighter Jet – 10yrs
7) No sharing or swapping during a session .
8) Weekday gift voucher cannot be used on weekends; for weekend gift vouchers used on weekdays,no refund for differential fares.

Team Events


Bring your teams to Flight 4 Fantasy and enjoy experiences with your colleagues…

Ever wondered how you could engage with your team in an informal environment? Flight 4 Fantasy presents to you a unique and niche experience on its highly realistic flight simulators.

You can now bring your team and enjoy a few hours on all our simulators at attractive prices. Watch your team members collaborate and compete at the same time, enabling bonding and team building.

What we offer:
• Full Center blocked for exclusive use;
• Corporate guests are divided into teams to play against each other on LAN on fighter simulators;
• Environment created to have an entertaining and interactive experience;
• 15 minute session on ALL our simulators, with special 15 minute experience on the Boeing 737 just for our corporate guests.

This is an experience which is rated as No.1 attraction on TripAdvisor and hence will give your teams not just a unique experience but also a memorable one.

Terms and Conditions

1) One additional guest permitted as an “observer” for Boeing 737.
2) Advance booking will be necessary for Boeing 737 and Cessna 172S.
3) Minimum Age:
• Boeing 737 – 13 yrs
• Cessna 172S – 13 yrs
• Fighter Jet – 10yrs
4) No sharing or swapping during a session.
5) All Session durations are 15 minutes each including briefing time.

4D Fighter Simulator at your Office


Make your family day out or in-office celebrations unique…

Your employees and families will now be able to enjoy our thrilling 4D fighter experiences at your environment.

We move our fighter simulator, which has the following features:
• 3D Surround Vision.
• Motion Platform.
• Entertaining and thrilling missions.

The Fighter Simulator are available for rentals and our offer includes:
• Transportation and Set up cost at your premises.
• Flight Simulator Instructor to ensure your employees and guests have a good time.

Terms and Conditions

1) The rental is for one simulator for a period of 1 day.
2) The simulator will be operated for a total of 9 hours per day with a 30 minute interval in between.
3) The total area required for the simulator along with operating space is approximately 12’ x 12’.
4) Power and UPS needs to provided by the Company.
5) Internet to be provided by the Company.
6) Minimum age of use of simulator would be 10 years.

Employee Discount

Your employees can now be eligible for preferential treatment at our Centre. They would be entitled to a discount on all our experience offerings on flashing their employee identification cards.

To enjoy this benefit you would need to:
• Display our promotion material on your notice board
• Mailer to entire staff on our exclusive tie up

Contact Us

For any clarifications or to further customize any of our offerings to suit unique needs of your Company, contact us by clicking on “Write to us now” button below:

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